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We’ve designed Allegiate to give everyone access to athletic strength training by the coaches of true champions.

While playing college football at USC, we were trained by the top strength coaches in the country and as a result were in the best shape of our lives.

Post college, we tried every fitness option out there, but we couldn’t connect with the all-cardio-focused workouts or the big box gym culture. We were seeking the camaraderie, the high-energy training style, and (most importantly) the results we were used to.

We were seeking something that didn’t exist—so we built it ourselves. Welcome to Allegiate.




At the gym, he’s known affectionately as T-BONE.

This industry-leading strength coach has two Master’s degrees—one in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention and one in Strength and Conditioning.

Before Allegiate, T-BONE was the Head Football Strength and Conditioning Coach at Army West Point. He helped Army beat Navy for the first time in 15 years—an explosive triumph in one of the oldest football rivalries in sports.

Before Army, Tim was an Associate Strength Coach at USC, where the Trojans came off a 10-2 season and ranked number 1 in the country. He worked with the football team on nutrition, injury and rehabilitation protocol, preparing players for the NFL Combine.

From the warm up and workout to the recovery, you’ll get plenty of T-BONE time (he takes pride in directly coaching every member), and the dynamic program he has personally designed is guaranteed to take you to the next level.


+ Is Allegiate only for elite or former athletes?

Allegiate is for all body types and every level of experience. We’re for people who want to get stronger and fitter, for people who want to be inspired, for people who want to enjoy the process. Yes, our background is in athletics. But you don’t have to be an athlete or have any prior athletic or lifting experience. The Allegiate program is built on simple foundational movements that have been used in strength training programs for decades (think: bench, squat, clean, curls). If you’re not familiar with these exercise, don’t worry—T-BONE has you covered with a focused introduction period to quickly bring you up to speed.

Many of any of our members are former athletes and still identify with this mentality as core to who they are.

+ Is Allegiate a crossfit gym?

No, the Allegiate program is based on our collegiate athletic training program. At Allegiate, we place extreme focus on technique and executing the movements properly. If your form breaks down, you don’t continue the reps. Also, we emphasize athletic strength and agility. Our workouts do not include running or burpees, you'll get plenty of cardio from the workout itself. We also don't do any gymnastic components of crossfit (no kipping here!). Finally, our programming is going to impact your upper body with movements like bench press, biceps curls, and other ancillary lifts. In college, we called it “TV arms” because, rest assured, when the camera pans your way, you’ll be looking good.

+ Do you have an open gym so I can workout solo?

Yes. We believe in the “x factor” that happens when you train in a group atmosphere. With that said, we love a good solo session, so outside of class hours, we offer some open gym and personal training times.

+ Do you track our progress and workouts?

Yes, absolutely. Every member receives a detailed workout card that includes the current workout, your prior lifts and your prescribed weight for that day. Our staff takes care of logging your information and we provide access to a mobile app so you're able to track your progress online.

+ Do you provide guidance on nutrition?

Being strong takes more than just a good strength program. We are committed to every aspect of your fitness. We offer supplementation and nutrition plans and the NSF certified supplements you’ll need to make it happen.

+ Are showers available at the space?

Yes, we have showers and lockers for your convenience.

+ Do you have a free trial?

Yes, we offer 1 complimentary session. After that, you can purchase an unlimited week trial fo $29.99 that can be used within 7 days. email or call/ text 760-413-9407 to set it up.

+ There are a lot of intimidating looking guys on your webiste. Do women train at Allegiate, too?

Yes, women train at Allegiate! We have an incredible group of women that train at Allegaite. The pictures on our website are from our first photoshoot. The only models we could pull together fast enough were our buddies from the USC football team.

+ Are you a membership based gym or a per class based gym?

We offer both. However most of our members are on our unlimited plans. Memberships fit our training philosophy best. We believe in consistent, intentional progression toward a set goal. Everyone is welcome to drop in and try Allegiate. However, this isn't really a place or program that you "drop into every once and a while." Allegiate is a place where you come to train with an intent and purpose.