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What's the First step

to getting better? 

Showing up.

At Allegiate, it starts with your free consultation. 

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If you're looking for motivation, results, accountability and competitive camaraderie: welcome to Allegiate. 

From the person looking to get back in shape, lose weight and build strength to the experienced, advanced-absolute-savage lifter and athlete looking to take their training to the next level – we have a training program and coaching style for you.

The first step? Set up your free consultation to talk to us about what you're looking for, what your goals are and see if Allegiate is a good fit for you.

In your 30 minute consultation, we'll talk about:

  • What are you looking to get out of your training?
  • What are your goals? (get strong,, lose weight, build muscle mass, get more mobile, improve flexibility, get jacked, etc)
  • What do you want in a gym?
  • Explain the Allegiate program: is it right for you?
  • Do you need guidance with nutrition?
  • What makes Allegiate different and better than every other fitness option?
  • Answer any other questions you might have
  • Set you up with a trial session.

Consultations are 30 minutes in length and can be done in person with a tour of our facility or over the phone. 

Enter your information below to set up your complimentary consultation and learn more about Allegiate. 


Questions? Drop us a note at: