Two thousand eighteen is off to a mother-freakin’ roaring start, isn’t it?

In our Mecca of Strength, January’s been big gulps of front squats, close grip bench, bent over rows, high fives, and good times. It feels good, doesn’t it? Where hard work meets accomplishment. That fresh, clean crisp of the Great Outdoors. And to think: all those results and good times can be traced straight back to the excellent music played by our staff. Who woulda known? 

You see, at Allegiate, we really dig planning. For us, it all stems from the plan, our Program. And not just a random program we’re making up each month but a periodized, scientific, pre-thought out program with a purpose. It’s only one of the differentiators you get training with us, but it’s a huge one.

When it comes to your training at Allegiate, did you know:

  • Your workouts and training blocks are programmed out in advance for the next 12 months?
  • January’s training is scientifically designed to go hand-in-hand with February’s?
  • The work you’re doing in January is laying the foundation for what you’re going to hit in June, July, and August?
  • We record KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to track and measure your fitness levels throughout your time at Allegiate? #ResultsTracking
  • We track your sleep to reinforce the importance of getting 8 hours in the results process?
  • Results Archive - You training weights and numbers are tracked and recorded after every session by our coaches and we know what you did day 1, day 200 and every day in between?

As they say:

The hard work ain’t driving the train – it’s laying the tracks.

So you keep driving that train.

We got your track.


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cody romness