Muscle Camp was 5 days of the highest quality, most intense strength training in the world. Seriously. The first one is over and here's what happened:

Before Muscle Camp was a real thing, we had to try and explain it to potential campers to get them excited about signing up for it. The tag-lines that rose to the top were:

  1. If Jack the Ripper and Disneyland had a kid, it’d be Muscle Camp (and)

  2. The best, most intense strength training experience in the history of mankind

It's hard to believe the Muscle Camp immersive experience is already over but looking back at our tag-lines, they weren’t far from the truth.

We asked Muscle Camper Sean Hayes, Performance Strength Coach for the WWE, what he thought about Muscle Camp now that he's been through it:

If you’re a fan of this, if this is your profession, Muscle Camp is the best training experience I’ve ever had
— Sean Hayes, WWE Strength Coach

Like a pro athlete hellbent on preparing all offseason for next year’s championship, Muscle Camp got freakin' intense.

Our 6 die-hard campers – legends in their own lives – reminded us how tough, durable, strong, and capable humans are in overcoming extreme physical and mental challenges.

When he was dreaming putting on Muscle Camp 6 months ago, Allegiate Head Coach Tim Caron said:

I wish someone would have made this so I could attend it. This is going to be so epic. I want to go.
— Allegiate Coach Tim Caron
The official Muscle Camp Tank Top

The official Muscle Camp Tank Top


We asked another one of our campers what she thought of Muscle Camp and if she’d recommend folks come to the next session:

100%, you have to come to Muscle Camp. It’s an incredible experience you will not forget.
— Lisa Lelm, Coach & Trainer

So...Is there going to be another Muscle Camp?

Yes, there's going to be another Muscle Camp. And we’re also introducing Muscle Minicamps, three day camps over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

How do I get more information about the next one?

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