Increase Strength & Muscle with Heavy Reps of 1 and Reps of 6


Intensification Block

The goal of this block is to get the most out of your last set of 6 by using a heavy load of 1 in the sets leading up to it.

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Behind the block: 1-6 Method

This intensification block, the program uses reps of 1 and reps of 6

This design uses heavy loads for 1 rep to activate our nervous system and muscle fibers in a way that increases our potential for 6 reps.

For example. We use a heavy load for 1 rep with a 3-second eccentric tempo that activates our nervous system. After that heavy single, we take that “nervous system momentum” into a set of 6 reps.

We’ll follow this loading structure for a total of 6 sets for all our big A-Series Movements like fat grip bench, front squat, neutral grip pull-ups.

The goal is to get the most out of that last set of 6. It’s not about the 1 rep. It’s about using that 1 rep to allow us to get more out of the 6 reps.

Why does this program design work and how does it work? 

When we do a heavy 1 rep, we generate a lot of force.

And generating a lot of force makes our muscle fibers to fire faster. Immediately after that activation, there’s a window of time where our we have greater force generating potential – from the nervous system and muscle fiber activation.

We’ll use that greater potential to get more out of our sets of 6.

Structurally, here’s how a program could look by week 4 of the block:

  1. 1 rep @ 120 kg/ 6 reps @ 78 kg

  2. 1 rep @ 120 kg/ 6 reps @ 85 kg

  3. 1 rep @ 120kg/ 6 reps @ 90 kg

All members – note your week 4 numbers are substantially higher than your week 1 numbers. This is by design.

This is progressive overload. They should be lighter. If you trained with us last block, don’t forget how hard we trained and how much we went through. We need to give ourselves time to restore our energy sources after depleting them for 4 weeks last block.

The first 2 weeks fo this block, you should feel fast. It shouldn’t feel really “hard.”

Respect the process. Remember it’s about preparing for week 4 –not just going for it week 1. After the last Escalating Density Training Block, our bodies need to de-load.

These first weeks of this block are an essential way to replenish our storage tanks.

If you don’t respect the process and build into it, you’re going to go backward. You’re going to be counter-productive. You’ll get in your own way. Trust the program. Trust the process.

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