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Mobility and Self-Care Workshop - Featuring Dr. Rob Willhite from AIM Sports Medicine


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In collaboration with Dr. Rob Willhite from our friends at AIM sports medicine, the Mobility and Self-Care Workshop will teach you structured, practical techniques to:

  1. Decrease the risk of injury

  2. Improve movement patterns and

  3. Increase athletic performance.

In this interactive session, Dr Rob will show you various self-myofascial release techniques and important mobility exercises.

For beginning and advanced athletes alike, we’ll introduce new mobility exercises and improve on current ones you might already be using. This session will be hands-on with lacrosse balls, foam rollers, and other equipment.

The goal of this interactive workshop is to improve your movement quality and give you tools & techniques to use in the future to maintain your physical health.

Run by Dr. Rob Willhite from AIM Sports Medicine, this special event is free to the public. Space is limited and RSVP’s are on a first come, first serve basis.