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If Disneyland and Jack the Ripper had a child, it'd be muscle camp

Muscle camp is the most intense and extreme training you've ever experienced in your life.

Availability is limited to 18 to assure the best quality experience for our campers.

Early Bird Rates available for a limited time. 

WHEN: May 7-May 11, 2018

WHERE: Allegiate, Los Angeles California

WHAT: 5 all-inclusive days of 2-a-day training

WHO: Coaches, trainers, professionals, enthusiasts, diehards.

LEVEL: Advanced


Muscle Camp Includes:

All training (Programming and Coaching), 5 days of two-a-day training

Supplementation (Peri - Pre/Intra/Post)

1 IV Treatment (Athlete Regen)

1 ART Treatment or Fascial Stretch

2 Meals Per Day 

Shaker Bottle & Thorne t-shirt

Daily Schedule: 

9:00 am - Pre Session (Meal, and Preworkout Supplementation - Provided)

9:45 am - Movement Prep (Intra Workout Supplementation - Provided)

10:00 am -  Session 1: Power Focus (Speed/Power/Strength)

11:00 am - Regen (Post Workout Supplementation Provided) 

11:15 am - 2:00 pm (Rest - ART and/or IV Solution)

2:00 pm - Pre Session (Meal, and Preworkout Supplementation - Provided)

2:45 pm - Movement Prep (Intra Workout Supplementation - Provided)

3:00 pm - Session 2: Capacity Focus (Hypertrophy/Muscular Endurance) 

4:00 pm - Regen (Post Workout Supplementation Provided) 


$1,999 - Full Registration Rate, register after April 1st

$1,599 - Falcon Registration Rate, register before March 31st

$1,499 - Eagle Registration Rate, register before February 28th


Lodging & Accommodations: 

There's no better place than Los Angeles in the summer time. We're currently working on group hotel rates and have a variety of options.

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Email tim@allegiategym.com with any questions. 

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