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class-based training


The true Allegiate experience, expertly coached and powered by camaraderie. Our program is second to none in developing total-body strength and fitness. Here’s what you can expect:

We focus on timeless, compound movements. Bench, squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, and Olympic lifts, augmented with ancillary lifts targeting your arms, back, and core. Why? These movements recruit more muscle and require more physical effort than any of their counterparts. They burn more fat and build more lean muscle. This methodology of training delivers more results in a shorter period of time than any other program. 

  • Increased lean muscle mass, decreased body fat

  • Improved flexibility and range of motion

  • Improved agility and quickness

  • Injury prevention

  • Increased natural energy

  • Improved coordination

You’ll have a stronger mind, not just a stronger body and see unexpected improvements in other areas of your life. Because when you take care of your body, that energy and increased focus gives you an edge to achieve pretty much anything.

For more information on membership rates, please email or call/ text 760-413-9407.




All classes are 60 minutes and include what we deem the most important to accomplish in each training session. You can expect each class to have:

  1. Soft Tissue

  2. Flexibility/ Mobility

  3. Corrective and Pillar Work

  4. Balance, Body Awareness

  5. Power

  6. Strength

  7. Conditioning

  8. Inspiration & Coaching



Description of classes


Allegiate offers 6 unique classes, all designed to get our members in the best physical and mental shape of their lives. 

1. ALLEGIATE TEAM - Advanced athletic strength training

Leveraging our coach’s 10+ years as a strength coach in Division 1 athletics, Allegiate Team is advanced athletic strength training. Team is a three day, periodized program rotated every 4 weeks between two blocks: accumulation (Body Composition or Conditioning Focus) and intensification (Power or Strength Focus). Every member has an individualized workout card, allowing our coaches to track member weights and progress.

For intermediate and advanced members. 

2. ALLEGIATE STRENGTH No bullsh*t strength training

Getting strong doesn't need to be complicated. In Strength, we’ve simplified some of our barbell movements, incorporated more kettlebells and focused the program on timeless strength building exercises.  Compared to Team, Strength has less technical movements and programming but is a great workout sure to build strength, lean muscle and cultivate the athletic physique.

For new, intermediate, and advanced members.

3. ALLEGIATE CONDITIONINGAthletic conditioning with a purpose

Conditioning incorporates equipment like sleds, battle ropes, and medicine balls while seamlessly integrating unique exercises with steel maces, kettlebells, and indian clubs – all in one class. Designed to complement and enhance your Team and Strength programming, this class is guaranteed to get your heart rate going.

For new, intermediate, and advanced members.

4. ALLEGIATE BLITZ30 minute athletic conditioning

Blitz is 30 minute, hyper focused cardio class. This class is similar in design to Allegiate Conditioning except without the full warmup.

For new, intermediate, and advanced members.

5. MOBILITY - Flexibility & mobility work

Whether it’s training hard or simply working in front of a computer screen, our bodies go through a lot. Mobility is a focused 30-minute session including soft tissue, flexibility, mobility, correctives and breathing. Dedicating time to regeneration will positively impact your ability to train hard for the long haul. It will allow you to get the most out of each training block. And – it will help you work out those aches and pains from the daily grind.

For new, intermediate, and advanced members.

6. ARM FARM - An upper body experience

A cult classic, this is the ultimate 30-minute upper body pump session guaranteed to add muscle to your upper body and fire you the hell up.

For new, intermediate, and advanced members.


try allegiate

Read to try a class at Allegiate? Head on over to this page to learn how to set it up.



private training


We offer a full-service private training program, one to five days per week.

Customized programming tailored to your needs, ability and goals. This includes supplemental workouts for off-site training, a body composition assessment and functional movement screening.

Private Training Pricing for Head Coach Tim:
• Single Session: $175
• 8 Sessions: $150 / session
• 16 Sessions: $140 / session
• 32 Sessions: $135 / session

Private Training Pricing for Allegiate Associate Coaches:
• Single Session: $125
• 8 Sessions: $100 / session
• 16 Sessions: $90 / session
• 32 Sessions: $80 / session

Interested in private training at Allegiate?

The first step is to hop on the phone with us so we can learn a bit more about you, your fitness background, any previous injuries, and what you’re looking to accomplish. If our program is lining up and we’re a good fit for what you’re looking for, we’ll set up a consultation call with our coach to write your program/ workouts. Lastly, we’ll have a fitness screen and movement evaluation. And then you’ll be ready to train.

For more information please email or call/ text us at 760-413-9407



digital training


No matter where you are, you can access the Allegiate experience.

Our customized programming is designed to match your goals and work with your available equipment. Videos and programming are all accessible through our online training mobile app.

DIGITAL TRAINING - $199 / month, 3 month commitment.

Digital training includes:

  • Discussion of your training background and goals

  • Monthly consultation with our coach

  • Email support

  • Three, 1-month programs built for your specific needs and goals.

  • Displayed as PDF and on Train Heroic for phone or tablet

SUPERCOMPENSATION - $299/ month commitment (1 month only).

For Advanced Trainees (3+ Years of Training)

Designed for advanced lifters and athletes to break training plateaus and stagnated performance, Supercompensation is a full month of extremely hard training with a customized nutrition and supplementation plan. 

This program includes:

  • 1 Hour Consult and Evaluation - Discussion of training background

  • Email, Phone, Text Support

  • Training Program - 1 month of intense training program, broken up to your specific needs and goals. Displayed as PDF and on Train Heroic for phone or tablet.

  • Nutritional Program - 1 month of nutrition and supplement protocol designed to meet the needs of the program.

  • Discounts on premium supplements

To set up your consultation call and for more information, please email