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Here's what some of our members are saying

Allegiate is the best gym I’ve ever been a member of, bar none.
— Bryce Hutchinson

"This is NOT CrossFit! You will NOT find people doing lots of reps with poor technique until they're exhausted, burnt out or injured. NO. At Allegiate, you are giving a monthly 'periodised' training program that's built to get you strong, fit, flexible and athletic while keeping you healthy and injury free."

- Mark Dhamma

“Absolutely love this gym. In 60 minutes you have stretching, warm up, lifting, cardio, cardio/cool down. They do an excellent job of training you the correct way of lifting to minimize the possibility of injury. They track your progress for you and keep the workouts fresh. Could not recommend a better place to train.”

- Tyler Thurlow

You did an amazing job with the space. It’s truly state of the art.
— Michael Cooper

“I’ve been to a lot of places and a lot of experiences and different styles of training and different feelings of accountability and support and this is hands down the best that I’ve had since I left the sport.”

- Caroline Burckle, Olympian

“Allegiate brings killer workouts that change monthly under the direction of extremely sharp coaches.  It's a group exercise with a personal training type of feel.  Highly recommend checking it out."

- Chris Newman

My squat has improved and my pull-up has improved exponentially
— Ryan Hornstra

“Allegiate brings you the world class coaching of a Division I sports program that's accessible but challenging.  Coach Caron is a tremendous asset to have at your disposal if you're looking to get your @ss in gear”

- Kevin Bjelajac

"I play hockey twice a week and my game has improved drastically since I first joined Allegiate. I feel much stronger all around and my overall endurance has improved.

My only wish is that they would have opened sooner!"

- Kolby Capelouto

I’ve tried a lot of different gyms/classes and this is hands down the best workout I’ve had
— Kacey Knauf

"I personally have trained under Coach Caron for four years, and I can say that he is one of the best strength coaches that I have ever had the privilege of knowing. He goes out of his way to help you out, and has a charismatic attitude that is second to none."

- Colby E.

"Allegiate was exactly what I was looking for before I knew it.  Athletic, but safe movements in a no-nonsense manner gave me great results in a supportive environment.”

- Dustin Avol

This is how it’s supposed to be. Team atmosphere, expert programming and coaching, and just flat getting after it.
— Trevor F.

“Been coming here for 4 months now and can't be more happy with both the results and the people I've met."

- Yul McGrath

“Allegiate is doing something on a level that is not found anywhere else - they built a program that doesn't exist and figured out a way to share it with all levels”

- Amber Moon

The members of this gym are really good looking. Like wow.
— Classpass User

Allegiate is the best gym in the LA area (South Bay and beyond) and it is a template for how all gyms should approach their training, member community and staff. Having experience a wide swath of gym paradigms (big box Equinox type gyms to specialized sport focused gyms to several years of crossfit) I can say that Allegiate has provided me with the most meaningful results both in strength gain and flexibility - all under the watchful eye of a top notch staff that guides each member through every work out to prevent injury and maximize results.

- Derek Douglas

 I’m in the best shape of my life. Thank you all at Allegiate! 

If you know a lot about strength training and conditioning, you'll understand right away why this is an extremely effective program. And if you know nothing, this is the safest, most supportive place to learn.

- Renee Moilanen

If you’re looking for hard training among likeminded individuals, the latest and greatest in programming and performance, and superhuman strength development come check out Allegiate. You will not leave disappointed or without a pump!

- Matt Varca