Ah, yes:

A Brand New Year.

Opportunity is in the air, crisp and clean as it hangs on the horizon. Somewhere out there you can smell it: 365 unwrapped days, glistening with potential.

As you set pen to paper with your goals, we too are working on getting our act together and have some exciting announcements.

  • We created new classes by streamlined and consolidated our training programs. Read below to learn more about the classes.

  • We added more class times to increase availability. See the new schedule here

Classes and Names for 2018: 


Leveraging our coach’s decade-plus as a strength coach in D-1 athletics, Team is advanced athletic strength training. Formally known as Group, Team is a three day, periodized program rotated every 4 weeks between two blocks: accumulation (Body Composition or Conditioning Focus) and intensification (Power or Strength Focus). Heads will roll, the metal will be loud and you must be pre-qualified to train in TEAM. 


Strength is a no bullsh*t strength training program. In Strength, we’ve simplified some of the barbell movements, incorporated more kettlebells and focused the program on the timeless strength building exercises. Compared to Team, Strength is a less intense athletic strength training program and the option when you need a great workout but aren’t feeling like Team. If you were previously only in Foundation, ESD, or Unconventional Strength & Mobility, coming back from vacation, or need a break in your training – STRENGTH is your new and improved program.


Conditioning is athletic conditioning with a functional purpose and the coming together of two previous classes: Unconventional Strength & Mobility and ESD. Conditioning incorporates fan favorites like sleds and battle ropes while seamlessly integrating work with steel maces, kettlebells, and indian clubs – all in one class.  Designed to complement and enhance your Team and Strength programming, CONDITIONING is your endurance answer.


Training hard will have a big impact on your ability to recover. Regeneration is a focused 30-minute session including soft tissue, flexibility, mobility, correctives and breathing. Dedicating time to regenerate will positively impact your ability to train hard for the long haul, and get the most out of each training block.


A cult classic, this ultimate 30-minute upper body pump session returns with vengeance for 2018. Lasers, strobe lights, Viking war music… ARM FARM is you know, the usual.

See you on the other side.


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