Behind The Block

You don't get stronger or fitter by accident. You have a plan, train consistently, and make decisions outside the gym that pay dividends. If you train at Allegiate, you also get to tap into world-class programming and an atmosphere that pushes you harder than you would training on your own.

But what’s the science and reasoning behind the programming and results?

Listen to the 15 minute podcast below to find out about this Block’s theme: Back Off Sets.

audio Block
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Allegiate Group is our flagship program and alternates between two training blocks called Accumulation and Intensification.

Accumulation is high volume based training, working on body composition and conditioning. Intensification is for power and strength, with lower reps and heavier weights. Each block is 4 weeks long and made up of three, 60 minute training sessions.

By designing and focusing our program this way, we get more results, avoid training plateaus and never get bored with our workouts.

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