Accumulation block #7 was freakin' intense. A lot goes on during the 4 weeks of a block and before we move on to the next block, it's good look back and reflect. Scroll through some of the moments from last block. Allegiate Members, you can easily save any of these photos to your phone or computer. 

This Accumulation Block was built around German Volume Training. 10 sets of an exercise with anywhere between 5 and 10 reps of that exercise. Pure strength building, muscle endurance, gut-checking-get-your-mind-right, hard work & growth. Exercises included split squats, fat grip inverted rows, barbell 1 & 1/4 RDL's, DB Hack Squats, Weighted Chin Ups, KB deadlifts and more.  Not to mention all the good work in Energy System Development, Unconventional Strength & Mobility, Foundation, and the cult classic ARM FARM.

This was a hell of a block, congratulations to all our members for training hard and making it through. 

Intensification block starts Monday. 

cody romness